Physical + Digital + NFT + Meta

Super-Phygitals; enhancing real-world items by providing a bridge between the physical world, the blockchain and the metaverse with provable authenticity & ownership. A true Digital Twin.

  • Proof of Authenticity

    Connect secure & encrypted NFC tags to your Real-World items and guarantee their Authenticity.

  • Proof of Ownership

    Bridge your Real-World items to the blockchain as NFTs enabling instant confirmation of Ownership.

  • Proof of Activity

    Gain insights on the popularity of your merchandise from analytics on the amount of physical scans and digital views.

  • Proof of Tamper

    Integrated Tamper-detection ensures no one is knocking-off your authentic, real-world items.

  • Proof of Passage

    Reward your loyal customers with Event Access or Exclusive Benefits simply by bringing along the Tagg'd items or NFT to prove Ownership.

  • Proof of Twin

    Bring your real-world items into the Metaverse where they can be displayed, worn, or enhanced as a Digital Twin!

How does it work?

Encrypted NFC Tags

We start by providing encrypted NFC tags that we pre-program with Proof of Authenticity for your merchandise.

Blockchain NFTs

We associate your NFC tags with NFTs on the blockchain in order to enable Proof of Ownership and Token-Gating.

Metaverse 3D Models

The NFT is associated with 3D Models that represent your merchandise and can be used within the metaverse.

Physical First

Buy the Physical Item - Claim the NFT later

We offer Secure and Encrypted NFC tags that you can attach to your physical merchandise.

Our tags will provide tamper-detection and proof of authenticity when they are scanned with any NFC reader, commonly found in modern smartphones.

By scanning the tag, the owner can claim the associated NFT on the blockchain which represents a unique and one-of-a-kind digital version of the physical item.

With the NFT, your customer can now prove ownership of the physical item as well. Like a proof-of-purchase receipt!

Physical First

Digital First

Buy the NFT - Claim the Physical Item later

We offer a Web3-based service to Mint and Sell NFTs on the blockchain that represent your physical merchandise.

When a customer buys an NFT, they can claim the physical item from the seller (you).

The physical item will contain a Secure and Encrypted NFC tag that represents the unique and one-of-a-kind NFT that the customer purchased while also proving the items’ authenticity.

Digital First

Our mission is to enhance NFTs by providing a bridge between the physical world, the blockchain and the metaverse with provable authenticity & ownership.

Behind the Scenes

Meet our visionary founders.

Alana Edgington
Co-founder, COO
Rob Secord
Co-founder, CTO
Jay Canavan
Co-founder, CME

Frequently Asked Questions

The NFC Tags are not waterproof, but they can be made waterproof quite easily - just use a waterproof laminate on them!

Yes, we have NFC Tags that work on metal surfaces. Not all NFC Tags are made the same and we supply various types of Tags for most applications.

No special software is required! All that is needed is a standard NFC Reader App which already comes equiped on most modern smartphones and tablets. Apple iPhone users will have to download any of the Free NFC Reader apps from the Apple Store.

We are currently building a Brand-aware Marketplace for our customers to facilitate NFT sales of your merchandise.

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Pricing Plans

All plans include the Taggr Control Panel, a Standard NFT Contract and support for both Physical-First & Digital-First transactions.



  • 10% Discount on Taggr Tags
  • 10% Discount on Scratch n' Reveals
  • 4% Minting Fees
  • Enhanced NFT Contracts



  • 20% Discount on Taggr Tags
  • 30% Discount on Scratch n' Reveals
  • 2% Minting Fees
  • Custom Marketplace

Taggr Tags

  • $7.00 per Tag, 100 minimum
  • $5.00 per Tag, 1,000 minimum
  • $3.00 per Tag, 10,000 minimum

Scratch n' Reveals

  • $0.50 per Reveal, 100 minimum
  • $0.30 per Reveal, 1,000 minimum
  • $0.10 per Reveal, 10,000 minimum

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